Session 1: Indoor only $45

 2 Outfits:  This session is for someone who is wanting a quick, classic Session with a few choices to choose from.


Session 2: Indoor/Outdoor $75

Up to 4 Outfits.  Indoor and outdoor shots will be taken around our exclusive, 3.5 acre portrait park.    


Session3: The Works  $125

Up to 6 outfits . Indoor and outdoor shots will be taken around our exclusive, 3.5 acre portrait park.  Then you and whomever you choose to bring with you will hop in with us and head uptown to experience the Urban part of your session. Alley's, fire escapes, and brick buildings will be a part of this urban session. Urban session also can include going to the MHS sports complex for sports photos. 


On Location Session: (within 15 miles of Mtown) $75

Up to 2 outfits.

 Want to go to your farm? Or how about your dance studio?  Just let us know when you book your session so we can choose the right time of day to get killer images at your location.


Once you book the session that fits you best,  we will e-mail you a link with your confirmation date and time.  This link is filled with valuable clothing tips, price menu and other information to make your session an experience you will always remember.



We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment so that we can go through your clothes and help decide what outfits will look best at which locations.

From there, the fun begins. We use backgrounds and sets that match your individual outfits and showcase your personality.  We are always open to new ideas or places to go, we just ask that you let us know BEFORE YOUR SESSION, so we can plan accordingly.


After your session is over, we will go over all of your options to view your images.  You may choose to have your proofs printed or hosted online to view.  You will put down a $400 or $600 deposit depending on your choice of viewing.


If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to book your senior session,  please give us a call at 641-753-7500