Studio Family Session: $55 - Includes as many family breakdowns as you wish. (Indoors or Outdoors, choose one)


On Location Session Fee-  Your Farm? Family Timber? Sure we can! Add $50 to our regular session fee.  This applies to a 15 mile radius of Marshalltown. If you have a location further than this in mind, please call us for a session quote. 

How to view your images- Your photos will be ready for you to view by the end of the next business day. Images will be put on a secure website that you can view them from at NO CHARGE.

If you wish to have your photos printed, they will be Printed 9 images per page, at a cost of $100 and will be the size of a wallet.  Online is much easier and convenient and the images are able to be viewed at roughly an 8x10 size.


Clothing-  Google or go to Pinterest to find clothing ideas for family photos! Those are great references. It used to be that photographers steered away stripes and plaids, but its much more accepted in today's world of bright colors and designs. If you have questions, feel free to call or email us with clothing questions.  We are happy to give our opinion. BUT, with that being said, Solids do photograph better and darker colors tend to not wash complexions out.